“Dalla Maniera moderna al Lume Caravaggesco”
Montepulciano – San Quirico d’Orcia – Pienza
From 18th March to 30th June 2017

An exhibition in three beautiful cities of Tuscany to know and admire the masterpieces of a great century a little forgotten, when the Sienese art shone with excellent artistic personalities, between the first of the XVI and mid-XVII century.
Montepulciano, San Quirico d’Orcia and Pienza: each of these town is linked to an artwork from which the exhibition is inspired to develop an artistic itinerary in three sections, located between the territories of Val d’Orcia (UNESCO World Heritage ) and of Valdichiana Senese. Each section invites visitors to discover other works of art preserved in churches, monasteries, palaces and small villages in this beautiful land of Siena Province.

1st Section: Montepulciano, Civic Museum Pinacoteca Crociani
Domenico Beccafumi, the young artist

Starting by the finding of an opera dating from Domenico Beccafumi ‘s youthful period, the St. Agnes Signs of the Civic Museum of Montepulciano, the section deals to illustrate the testimonies which have made possible the new assignment and to analyze the issues concerning the artistic personality of the young Beccafumi. Besides other many artworks of Beccafumi, the section also includes masterpieces by Sodoma, Girolamo Genga, Fra ‘Bartolomeo, Andrea del Brescianino, Girolamo di Giovanni del Pacchia and Lorenzo di Mariano said Marrina, protagonists of the Sienese art in the first decade ‘500.

2nd Section: San Quirico d’Orcia, Palazzo Chigi Zondadari
From Sodoma to Riccio: Sienese painting in the last decades of the Republic
The painting from  which develops the path is the Madonna with Child and Saints Sebastian and Leonardo di Bartolomeo Neroni, known as Riccio, belonging to the Company of the Blessed Sacrament of San Quirico d’Orcia. The section examines the late artistic period of Sodoma, also including paintings by important personalities, such as Giorgio di Giovanni, Marco Pino and Giomo of Sodoma, ending with a large exhibition dedicated to the production of Bartolomeo Neroni, known as Riccio.

3rd Section: Pienza, Conservatorio S. Carlo Borromeo
Francesco Rustici said Rustichino, the “gentile Caravaggio” and the Sienese naturalism

The presence of an opera by Francesco Rustici representing Madonna and Child with Saints Carlo Borromeo, Carlo Borromeo, Francesco, Chiara, Caterina e Giovanni Battista, in the Church of St. Carlo Borromeo in Pienza, allows to build around this work an interesting exhibition mainly concerning the masterpieces of Rustichino. The section also illustrates the family environment where took place the first formation of the artist, with paintings by Alessandro Casolani and Vincenzo Rustici, and other works of important artistic personalities for his stylistic evolution, such as Orazio Gentileschi and Antiveduto Gramatica. The exhibition continues with a collection of paintings by Sienese artists as Rutilio and Domenico Manetti, Bernardino Mei, Astolfo Petrazzi and Niccoló Tornioli, influenced by the naturalism.

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From 18th March to 30th June 2017
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